Our passion is to ensure Indonesia's next  generations have an equal opportunity to learn and have access to the world of information.

Bringing technology into the classroom prepare all the students for the future. Our products seamlessly integrate with local curriculum creating one connected learning experience.

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smart kapp


SMART Board 6000 Series

SMART Board 800 Series

SMART Board 600 Series

SMART Learning Softw‍‍‍are


Artec Robo set

Vision Data Logger

For education. Out in the schoolyard students tackle all sorts of imaginative projects together. SMART encourages that same back-and-forth interaction inside the classroom and beyond

Wireless Presentation System

Wirelessly present devices to your class room screen

Artec Block is the world's first block/brick for learning and/or game component that can be connected freely from any direction, either vertically, horizontally or even diagonally.

Artec Block set‍‍‍

SmartClass+ Language Laboratory

SmartClass+ is a digital language lab software solution that uses a school’s data network to support real-time communication and interaction amongst teachers and students.

iStorage is the‍‍‍ trusted global leader of PIN authenticated, hardware encrypted data storage devices, that include: USB Flash Drives, Hard Disk Drives, and Solid State Drive formats.

Encrypted Portable stor‍‍‍age‍‍‍‍‍‍

Wearable interactive

Bird is powerful enough to create the most effective, cost‍‍‍-efficient interactive workspace happen yet it is simple, natural and intuitive to every user.‍‍‍

Classroom observations robot recording

Swivl is an easy way to capture and share video using a tablet or ‍‍‍smartphone

A low cost data logger that offers the perfect solution for capturing data in and outside of the classroom. Designed specifically for primary students, Vu+ is the only solution you need to learn about the world around you in record time.



SMART Board 7000 Series


‍‍‍EVENT & NEWS‍‍‍




Classroom Audio

All-in-one classroom sound withamazing digital sound quality, time-saving lesson capture, and future connectivity