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Get Smarter with‍‍‍ your smart home, fly to new heights in entertainment, & be free!‍‍‍

Bird is the transformative solution for educational and business do‍‍‍mains. Its simplicity and effectiveness also make it a versatile asset in the home environment when it comes to Internet of Things and Smart home applications.

Bird provides users with the freedom to interact with content from anywhere in a room, without giving up on the accuracy.

Bird’s algorithms instantly integrate and analyze data from several sensors in real time. This data re‍‍‍flects the entire spectrum of human intent, including position in space, pointing direction, hand posture, voice commands, touching/hovering position and pressure level on any surface, and more.

Bird is the only interactive technology that features multi-user input functionality, allowing up to ten people to interact with the same content simultaneously.

Bird empowers users to maximize the possibilities of digital content interaction and transform ordinary presentations into engaging, dynamic ones.

Why BIRD ?

What is BIRD ?

Bird is a tiny wearable that transforms any space into a 3D interactive environment.

Touch, push, pull, swipe and gra‍‍‍b your content from anywhere in the room. You are no limited by your location. You are limited only by imagination.

Bird attaches to your index finger, and communicates directly with you smartphone, PC or tablet-it’s the true meaning of being free.‍‍‍

Be free to work together effortlessly

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