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One obvious way of increasing student proficiency is to give students the opportunity to learn whenever and wherever they have available time. SmartClass+ extends the learning process outside of the school and into the home – in fact, anywhere and anytime!

With the collaboration of Samsung and SmartClass+, students are able to access and execute assignments anywhere from their tablets, and teachers now are able to review student responses from the comfort of their own home –at any hour of the day.

Learning on The Move

The collaboration of Samsung and Robotel enables students to dynamically connect to any live class independent of its location or teacher using internet connection. This collaboration brings a new and exciting platform that is refreshingly unique.

The classroom management platform that connects students’ tablet with their ‍‍‍live class sessions and their self study exercises will empower teachers to deploy technology in a pragmatic and intuitive fashion. Students using Samsung Tablet can install SmartClass+ application, which can be downloaded for Androids through Google Play. When integrated with SmartClass+, all systems share a common database, so that students and teachers have access to all materials whether studying in the classroom or from home. Teachers are able to work in the classroom, from their office, and now from their home with one common, easy-to-use standardized application.


The best way to learn how to speak a new language is practice, practice, and practice! In most schools, language teachers work with classes of over 20 students. Statistically, without language teaching technology, each student will speak for less than 1 minute for every hour of class time. SmartClass+ multiplies speaking opportunities by 10 times.

the 21st Century digital classroom fo‍‍‍r language teaching‍‍‍

SmartClass+ is a digital language lab software solution that uses a school’s data network to support real-time communication and interaction among‍‍‍st teachers and students. Networks can be wired or wireless (WiFi). Support for self-study activities can also be extended over the Internet.

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