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Artec Blocks Pouch 54 Pcs (neutral colors)

Artec Blocks Box 112 Pcs (vivid)

Artec Blocks Bucket 112 Pcs (vivid)

Artec Blocks Bucket 220 Pcs (vivid)

Artec Blocks Dream Basic Set 578 Pcs

Artec Blocks Dream DX Set 1154 Pcs

Make anything you like! Realistic 3D expression has never been this Easy!

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Colored building blocks - every child in the world affectionately plays with them!

But what exactly do children want from a colored block? After thorough investigation, at Artec we have found the answer: a cube with square holes on each face, and a single, connecting stud located off-center. There has never been anything like it before - the Artec Block has arrived! (Patents Pending)

Artec Blocks are unbelievably easy to join together - simply connect the faces in any way you choose! Even small children will have fun creating realistic models, and they will do it with more ease than by sketching or using modeling clay.

By design, conventional blocks can only be stacked one on top of the other. But what does this mean?

1) The finished product never turns out the way you imagined it would.

2) Making anything larger than a certain size requires you to plan ahead. This is very difficult for small children.

These problems have plagued building blocks for decades!

But now comes the magic of Artec Blocks! Because every block face contains holes, you can connect them however you want, in whatever direction you want! Horizontally, vertically, even diagonally - true freedom and flexibility is finally in your hands!

Even with just the basic cube, the possibilities are endless in the shapes you can make!

From infant to adult, a block that lets you bring your ideas to life, exactly how you imagined them. No more long planning times! Unparalleled ease of use! The revolution is here with Artec Blocks!

Artec Blocks allow children to easily give form to whatever their minds can imagine.

By combining the different shaped Artec Blocks available, children will be free to let loose their ability to design and innovate. This will promote development towards whatever new ideas their imagination can conjure up.

Imagination drives the creation of form, and form in turn requires a high level of creative expression. And the better you are at expressing yourself, the more freedom you have to imagine bigger and brighter things! For fostering children's imagination and creative expression, there is nothing better than Artec Blocks!

Artec Blocks are much more than just for playing! They are also perfect for mathematics and art!

Build models with Artec Blocks to visualize and better understand arithmetic and geometric concepts! Use them to add artistic flair to your 2D and 3D artworks!

Artec Blocks Set

A revolutionary design that defies convention

Artec Co., Ltd. founded in 1960 as a producer of arts and crafts education and now nearly 60 years later, stands out as a leader in education. We have sold over 9,000 products through 3,000 distributors across Japan, from kindergarten to college. Expanding its business worldwide, Artec aims to meet the needs of the world education market. Since 2011, Artec has business in more than 40 countries spread across continents.

Artec products have also won world awards, such as two of America's most prestigious awards (Top Toy of the Year Award and Best Pick Winner) and Golden Pin Design Mark in Taiwan. Artec is also very concerned about the quality of its products with various standards such as the world of Japan, the European Union, Korea, Russia, and America. Artec's mission is to provide quality educational tools to attract and foster the creative spirit of children.

Foster your child's imagination and creative expression!

Overcome the Problems that plague regular blocks!

Uses in math and art

You can make 10 different models from one high-quality set!

Introducing Artec Blocks 10 in 1

Blue Racer

A Series of 5 Different Sets!

Green Bombers

Red Fighters

White Guardians

Yellow Powers

Combine With Other sets for even MORE FUN!

RED Fighters (100 Pieces includes assembly instructions)

Any shape, any motion! Endless robot building possibilities!


Imagination In Motion Series

Artec Robo Series


A circuit board for teaching programming

1. Easy wiring. All parts are connected by cables.  |  2. Free programming software that even children can use.

A circuit board for teaching programming

Onboard connectors for the servo motor, DC motor, LED, and buzzer require no extension boards or wires when making robots.

A circuit board for teaching programming

Arduino is based on the C programming language, but is easier to use.

For more detailed information regarding ARTEC Innovator Academy Please Refer to This Link

Artec Robo Basic

Artec Robo Advanced

Artec Robo T.Rex