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A selection of our Bang & Olufsen products have Chromecast built-in so you can control and cast your favorite music, radio, or podcasts to them from anywhere in the house using your iPhone®, iPad®, Android™ phone or tablet, Mac® or Windows® laptop, or Chromebook.


Kitchen? Executive boardroom? Public restaurant? With the vast colour choices and modular design concept, BeoSound Shape can be customised to match and elevate any living space.


Poor indoor acoustics makes even the most beautiful room unpleasant to be in. Relieve the problem by integrating acoustic damper tiles when you design your own BeoSound Shape.


Prepare for an innovative and social music experience that brings ‘the band’ right into your room. BeoSound Shape cleverly utilises a setup with multiple speakers to deliver a concert-like perception of singer and instruments.


BeoSound Shape is more than just a speaker. It is a complete wireless speaker system that can boast as many as 44 individual speakers, and play digital music in rich and detailed high-res audio quality.


At the heart of the system is our new BeoSound Core connectivity hub that lets you stream music directly from your phone or tablet via Chromecast built-in, Apple AirPlay and Bluetooth.


BeoSound Shape is a part of our Multiroom Collection – a product range that lets you connect multiple wireless speakers throughout your home and unite them in one Multiroom audio system.


Forget about reclusive ‘sweet spot’ listening. BeoSound Shape provides an immersive and social sound experience for all. Rather than optimising sound for a single fixed position our unique upmixing algorithm cleverly distributes the signals across the speakers, making the correlated signal appear in the centre from every listening position. The result: Your wall becomes a stage as the lead singer materialises in the centre and instruments join in from the sides, seemingly staying in their place even when you move around.

The sensation and spatiality of a live band performance is truly canny.

Everything can be controlled directly from your BeoSound 35 music system.

The intuitive touch interface lets you easily take charge of your music source as well as track selection and volume control. Or if you prefer to control things from a distance you can just use a Bang & Olufsen remote or the free Bang & Olufsen app.

Thanks to the on-board integration of streaming services like Spotify, Deezer, and TuneIn you get one-touch access to millions of songs, playlists and radio stations. BeoSound 35 features Apple AirPlay, DLNA and Bluetooth 4.0 streaming, and our Multiroom technology that lets you wirelessly unite all Bang & Olufsen and B&O PLAY multiroom products in one seamless music stream across your home.

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Set your music free. The collection of Bang & Olufsen wireless speaker systems offers all-in-one command of your digital music, any way you want it - and at a level of quality that will have you discover all the details beautiful music has to offer.



A high-end wireless speaker and all-in-one multiroom music system with an easy-to-use touch interface and integrated access to music and radio streaming services.

eoSound 35 is one of the most versatile music systems in the Bang & Olufsen portfolio.

It was designed to resemble a stroke on the wall, and with its sleek and minimalist appearance it manages to fit into any interior with ease. The pentagonal circumference allows you to cleverly tilt the music system for convenient access. So whether you hang BeoSound 35 high or low, or place it on a table, you will easily be able to see what is on the display and comfortably be able to directly touch and control it.

Made for life

Wake up happy to the rich sound of your favorite tunes.

Perfectly placed

Amazing sound from anywhere in the room.

Music in every room

You can play different music in different rooms – or let one song play on all your speakers throughout the home.

B&O PLAY x Kvadrat

Beoplay A6 looks as good as it sounds, clad in beautiful wool-blend fabrics from high-end manufacturer Kvadrat.

The sweet spot is everywhere

Beoplay A6 is much more than just a regular two-channel stereo speaker.

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Design Like a piece of furniture

Beoplay A9 is designed and crafted like a beautiful piece of furniture – with a careful selection of materials and a great attention to detail.

Music in every room

Beoplay A9 is a one-point music system that will fill any room with music by itself or you can connect more multiroom enabled spekers together and experience seamless sound.

Designer fabrics

The collaboration between B&O PLAY and Kvadrat started with our Beoplay A6 covers, and is continued with a series of gorgeous wool-blend covers for Beoplay A9.

Many ways to place your music

Place it in a corner, free standing in a room, or hang it on the wall with the optional wall bracket. No matter which position you chose, the thorough design and a sound adaption switch will ensure that it's always looking and sounding beautiful.

Connected by nature

Introducing our wireless speaker systems in a limited, lush green collection inspired by nature.


Beoplay A9 is a modern classic with a touch and superior sound.


One-point music system that fills the room with spectacular sound.


BeoSound Shape is a wall-mounted wireless speaker system for design conscious music lovers – delivering immersive sound staging, a customizable design and integrated noise dampers for improved room acoustics.

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