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Be IN the meeting not AT the meeting.


A wireless presentation system that connects multiple attendees to a main meeting room display fast and efficiently – it’s as simple as connecting to your Wi-Fi. Any attendee can bring their content to the fore with a simple click or swipe. With the Montage Wireless Presentation System ‘passing presenter control’ becomes a thing of the past, everyone’scontribution is available as and when it’s required. With file sharing and annotation capabilities, the meeting actually ends when the meeting ends – eliminating follow up reporting, note taking and updated content distribution.


Montage brings wireless presentation plus full communication and participation for all attendees – built in video and voice means users won’t miss out on important information.

Meeting attendees can wirelessly present both in-room and remotely and communicate with each other at the same time, saving time and increasing productivity.

Montage brings together the right content and people you need in meeting no matter where in the world they are.


Montage puts the right information on main display so you can make informed decisions and draw conclusions quicker.

Bring all contributors into the session with file-sharing and screen mirroring plus voice and video for external attendees.

Using the Montage unit helps to eliminate misunderstanding by letting attendees share and compare all of the information – see all of the content and miss none of the context.

With the ability to annotate on all available content, getting your point across and working together to achieve a positive outcome couldn’t be simpler.


We believe that people innately want to be as productive and effective as possible. Start a Montage session in your meeting room and let attendees get on with what they need to do with minimal disruption.

Wireless Presentation with Montage eliminates the need for follow up reporting, note taking and distributing updated content.


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