The SSP6™ Multiducer™ (multifunctional transducer) miraculously transforms nearly any panel structure into an audio speaker in the new form factor - Invisible. Revolutionary thinking has created the most compact and powerful patented “invisible™” audio systems available today.

Embedding the SSP6 Multiducer™ into walls, ceilings, floors, windows, furniture, vehicles etc., transforms non-acoustic materials and devices into high fidelity truly full range audio speakers. A two-minute installation coupled with real performance provides Audio Specifiers with a powerful tool to solve nearly all audio specification problems.

Drywall, wood, glass metal and other panel materials open up a myriad of installation opportunities. 70V multi tap transformers rounds out the commercial installation possibilities.

The SSP6 technology is further leveraged by way of the patented CR2 and CR4 suspended T-Bar ceiling speakers. Using an entirely different subset of acoustical physics (bending wave physics), the SPP6™ introduces “Ergonomic Audio™” for the first time, projecting sound unlike any other conventional speaker, filling the entire space with even-sound pressure and frequency response. A pair of SSP6™ Multiducers™ can replace six or more conventional speakers offering exceptional value with a more immersive sound field. Its polar dispersion characteristics are unmatched in the industry. UL 2043 certified, IP65 waterproof and dust proof certified, coupled with virtually solid-state construction make the SSP6 Multiducer a reliable solution in all environments. Simply magical. Invisible audio, which is literally out of sight with performance to match.


  • Next generation and new level of sophistication in invisible embedded audio technology
  • SSP6 with new Rev-Loc™ universal screw on mounting plate for unparalleled ease of installation to virtually all substrates in less then 3 minutes.
  • Incredible class leading acoustic fidelity while driving all materials including glass, drywall, wood, fiberglass, metal, or….
  • Highest power density, best sounding transducers available using high energy neodymium magnet structures
  • Proprietary cooling technologies for better efficiency and reliability
  • Frequency range full bandwidth: (unequalized) 45Hz – 20KHz
  • Subwoofer not required
  • Power handling up to 400W (instantaneous peak)
  • Compact 2.7” Ø X 2.1” high (69mmØ X 53.5mm high)
  • Weight (Individual): 0.68 Kg / 1.5 Lbs.
  • Impedance: 8Ω
  • Recommended amplifier per channel wattage: 60W - 120W
  • Max. Continuous Thermal Power: 15 W totally enclosed, 24W unenclosed
  • Transducer Accelerated Life test: fully enclosed passes EIA 426B at 9.4V (recommended amplifier power rating of 30W) 8 hour test 23C ambient
  • Transducer Accelerated Life test: unenclosed passes EIA 426B at 12.0V (recommended amplifer power rating of 48W) 8 hour test 23C ambient
  • IP65 Ingress protection certified - water and dust proof
  • Packaging: 2 per box
  • Package weight: 1.55 Kg / 3.5 Lbs.

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