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We only distribute proven products. All of our products are proven to be easy to use, require less maintenance, and highly reliable.

We provide the best teaching and learning aids for all educational institution that you can proudly offer to your customer.

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We focus on technology that actually works. We carefully selected our principal that invest significant resources on research and development. Their commitment to R&D means continuous product improvement and sustainable long term business.

Over 10 Authorized Dealer and 100+ Authorized Resellers throughout Indonesia, already rely on our products and services. We work with a streamlined and highly efficient sales structure that benefits our partners. We are straight forward, focused, and very flexible ensuring that a partnership with our company is both profitable and engaging.

We require no minimum purchase, our ready-stock products can be purchased, delivered and installed immediately making warehouse storage unnecessary. We also offer our partners an aggressive partner reward, comprehensive training program, and account protection to maintain a competitive pricing.


Established in 2005, EP-TEC Solutions Indonesia is a value-added distributor of a high-end technology equipment that focus on collaboration products for both the enterprise and education market.

Our vision is Enabling People with Technology.

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Our products will bring significant contributions to your customers' operations. It will enhance the communication, collaboration, as well as the overall team work that will drive business into success.


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The right technology and team work will improve business efficiency and productivity, which will boost your customers' bottom line.

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